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2017-05-04 08:04:54 by Tagiito

New song released "Bring That Beat" make sure to check it out!

Back I Guess

2017-05-03 10:35:18 by Tagiito

I should sleep


2016-10-24 09:32:26 by Tagiito

Ill keep this short and simple.


I've been battling depression for a long time and it has gotten to a tipping point. I've decided to seek help. In the mean time, i'll be taking a break from making music. Thank you guys for being there and supporting me!




NEW ALBUM! Forgotten LP

2016-07-02 07:45:18 by Tagiito

My new Project is out! Make sure to listen to all the track, comment, rate, download, follow, and all that jazz.


Here's a soundcloud link for continous listening! https://soundcloud.com/royelty/sets/forgotten-lp/s-7iAsQ

New projects and more to come

2016-02-03 15:44:25 by Tagiito

Hey guys,


So a lot is going on. I havent been releasing a lot lately because I'm currently making my first album with some other artists. Ive been working more, and also will be traveling all over Asia for a month and a half. So stick around and hopefully i'll be releasing some cooler and more professional sounding tracks in the near future! Thank you guys

My First Remix!

2015-09-30 13:01:22 by Tagiito

My first ever remix of a song! I usually don't mess with other people's music, but this has been stuck in my head!!! Please tell me what you think! Rate/Comment/Follow!!!




2015-08-03 19:05:31 by Tagiito

Hello Everyone!


I'm currently working on a new EP that will consist of 4 or 5 songs. The song will all reflect the style of music i listen to now, which is more of a chill electronic feel (see Cranberry and Phoenix). Get ready to hear some vocals as well. I've met some great new talented artists and have been collaborating with them. This new EP will be awesome! I'll definitely keep putting out tracks or loops for you guys on Newgrounds! Make sure you all like my FaceBook page ROYEL Pictures! Love you all.


Thank you.

My First EP!!!

2014-10-23 22:21:07 by Tagiito

Hey guys!!!


I'm making my first EP and the demo is out!!! Even though i am currently working a lot as a freelance filmmaker I'm always making music on my time off! Check out the DEMO and the SINGLE!!!





2013-05-14 14:49:52 by Tagiito

Im starting to dig up old scraps of compositions i made, so there will be lots of random crappy stuff out.


2013-03-30 22:56:02 by Tagiito


I made this song in like 6 hours and i'm very proud of it, since I have no real equipment... Hell I don't even have a usb mouse for my laptop. Just garageband(free) and my computer. I can't wait to get a female vocalist on this track! Please comment, rate and share it!!!