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2009-09-01 07:40:51 by Tagiito

Everyone Look out for my fist audio submission series called {StyleZ}.
Please rate and comment. I find my songs addicting....


2009-06-08 22:02:07 by Tagiito

Hi everyone, im Leroy and im new to Newgrounds.
Apparently, after finishing getting bored of aim and facebook, i made a newgrounds account.
anyways, as u can see i don't have any awesome animations up yet. (uh-oh)
but they will come.
im starting a 2-4 minutes animation that is planned to be finished before september.
its going to be my first. (why do they laugh at me?!?!?!?!)
anyways, haw haw,
even though im here typing while my mother is watching an asian drama,
i can be doing some work on my animation..... BUT IM NOT! DEAL WITH IT!
so u gotta wait....
be my friend and hit me up on AIM. Lawl